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Welcome to the Calcverse wiki
the calculator database that anyone can edit
there are currently 91 articles in English


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Calculators by category

Calculator Types Brands CPU Architecture Display Type Other
Graphing calculator Texas Instruments ARM Segmented LED RPL
Scientific calculator HP SuperH Bubble LED RPN
Desktop calculator Casio Z80 LED Help needed
Pocket calculator Sharp Saturn Segmented LCD Resources
Mechanical calculator National Semiconductor M68K Dot-matrix LCD HP-IL
Pocket computer Radio Shack 6502 LCD
Citizen VFD
Other brands

Contributing to Calcverse

To contribute to the Calcverse Wiki you can create a page (see page template), upload media, or edit articles in the Help Needed category.

About Calcverse

Calcverse is a website and discord server founded by Intromatt, Insert Coin, Js, SSR, and Foskos. It is the most populous non-brand specific independent group of calculator enthusiasts.