Sample calculator article

Start by writing the first sentence in the article and putting the calculator’s name in bold. Next, add infoboxes, for now use Infobox:calculator, if the article is about a series containing multiple calculators, add one Infobox per model organized in descending chronological order, such that the oldest model is at the top of the page while the newest is at the bottom. Fill out as much information in the Infobox as you can.

Sample calculator 1
Other namesSample 1
ManufacturerManufacturer’s name
PredecessorSample calculator 0
SuccessorSample calculator 2
ProcessorSample cpu
Sample calculator 2
TypeScientific calculator
ManufacturerManufacturer’s name
PredecessorSample calculator 1
Cost1000 USD
Power supplyD cell battery


If the article is about a single calculator, write an overview of the specific model here. If the article is about a series of calculators, write an overview of the entire series.

Sample calculator 1Edit

Create one heading for each model if there are multiple models discussed in the article. Write a simple overview of the unique features of that specific model not discussed in the series overview.

Sample calculator 2Edit

If needed, add subheadings to further elucidate upon the specifics of the calculator.

Interesting feature of calculatorEdit

description of said feature, with images if possible.


A gallery section for teardowns and other images of the calculator may be warranted.


If the calculator supports programming, a description of the language or languages along with a few simple sample programs would be helpful.

See alsoEdit

Include a bulleted list of links to other related articles, such as:

  • Some calculator
  • Some company
  • Some programming language


Make sure to categorize your article using the categories shown at the bottom of the Main Page. Categories will not be visible at the end of an article and thus do not require their own heading within the article.

To categorize an article, add the following text to the need of the article in the source editor with category_name substituted for the name of the category you would like to add the article to.

[[Category:Category name]]

For example, if you wanted to add the article to the pocket calculator and Segmented LCD categories, you would write:

[[Category:Pocket calculator]]
[[Category:Segmented LCD]]