Sharp EL-160

The Sharp EL-160 was an early desktop calculator produced by Sharp.

Sharp EL-160
Sharp EL-160 3.jpg
Display typeVFD
Display size8 digits
Serial Numbers1001606, 1028363, 1069373, 1087623, 1500650, 1504877, 1518440, 1520437, 1808213, 1809354, 1810924

Special featuresEdit

Since the calculator uses the Itron font tubes it does not feature leading-zero supression, to help with readability (e.g. it would display '00000001' to display '1').

The calculator uses separate 'minus equals' and 'plus equals' keys, as well as a single key for multiplication and division, this was common for the time period.

The calculator also has an 'm/d' key, this allows the user to switch between having an 8 digit memory and having an extended 16 digit multiplication/division results register.

Internal designEdit

The calculator uses 3 PCBs internally, one for the power supply, mounted inside a metal cage, and display and logic boards, both seated into a card-edge connector.

The calculator uses a reed-switch keypad, Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (8x Itron DG12B and 1x Itron SP-12A), and 5 Integrated Circuits, the Rockwell ACM1156, AU2271, DC1152, NRD2256, and the Hitachi HD3113, presumably for keyboard decoding purposes.


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