Sharp EL-160

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Sharp EL-160
Sharp EL-160 3.jpg
Display typeVFD
Display size8 digits
Serial Numbers1001606, 1028363, 1069373, 1087623, 1500650, 1504877, 1518440, 1520437, 1808213, 1809354, 1810924

The Sharp EL-160 was an early desktop calculator produced by Sharp.

Special features[edit | edit source]

Since the calculator uses the Itron font tubes it does not feature leading-zero supression, to help with readability (e.g. it would display '00000001' to display '1').

The calculator uses separate 'minus equals' and 'plus equals' keys, as well as a single key for multiplication and division, this was common for the time period.

The calculator also has an 'm/d' key, this allows the user to switch between having an 8 digit memory and having an extended 16 digit multiplication/division results register.

Internal design[edit | edit source]

The calculator uses 3 PCBs internally, one for the power supply, mounted inside a metal cage, and display and logic boards, both seated into a card-edge connector.

The calculator uses a reed-switch keypad, Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (8x Itron DG12B and 1x Itron SP-12A), and 5 Integrated Circuits, the Rockwell ACM1156, AU2271, DC1152, NRD2256, and the Hitachi HD3113, presumably for keyboard decoding purposes.

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