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0^0[edit | edit source]

Results of entering 0^0
Model Result Year Firmware/OS ver. Tested By
fx-10 1 1974 Carpal Tunnel
fx-21 E (see footnote) 1977 ElectricBullet
fx-6300g Math ERROR 1991 Speedorama
fx-50 FH II Math ERROR 2013 User:He77789
CFX-9970G Math ERROR (non-CAS) or Undefined (CAS) 1997 Speedorama
Algebra FX 2.0 Math ERROR (non-CAS) or Undefined (CAS) 1999 Speedorama
fx-9860G Slim Math ERROR 2006 Speedorama
fx-260solar -E- 2011 Scrobotasaurus
fx-300MS Math ERROR 2011 User:Inkling
fx-CP400 Undefined 2014 Speedorama
Casio fx-991EX Math ERROR 2015 Scrobotasaurus
fx-260solarII -E- 2017 Scrobotasaurus
Casio fx-CG50 Math ERROR 2017 Forsyth
fx-9750GIII Math ERROR 2020 Speedorama
fx-991ES Plus C 2nd Edition Math ERROR 2020 Scrobotasaurus
Texas Instruments
Model Result Year Firmware/OS ver. Tested By
TI-30 1 1976 User:Inkling
TI-55 1 1977 User:Js
TI-30 SLR+ ERROR 0 1982 User:Inkling
TI-85 ERROR 04 DOMAIN 1992 User:Inkling
TI-82 ERR:DOMAIN 1993 Scrobotasaurus
TI-92 Plus 1 1998 User:Inkling
TI-83 Plus SE ERR: DOMAIN 2001 Speedorama
TI Voyage 200 undef 2002 Rocko
TI-89 Titanium 1 2004 User:Inkling
TI-84 Plus ERR: DOMAIN 2004 Speedorama
TI-nspire CX CAS undef 2011 adriweb, Scrobotasaurus
TI-nspire CX II CAS 1 2019 Running Debian bullseye with linuxloader2, with bc User:He77789
TI-84 Plus CSE Error: Domain 2013 Speedorama
TI-84 Plus CE Error: Domain 2015 User:Js
TI-82 Advanced ERR: DOMAIN 2018 Speedorama
TI-nspire CX II CAS undef 2019 User:He77789
Model Result Year Firmware/OS ver. Tested By
HP 71B 1 1984 User:Js
HP 45 0 *blinking* (see footnote) 1973 Scrobotasaurus
HP 41CV DATA ERROR 1980 Speedorama
HP 12C ERROR 0 1981 User:Inkling
HP 15C ERROR 0 1981 User:Phoenix
HP 28S 1 1988 Speedorama
HP 42S Invalid Data 1988 Speedorama
HP 10B Error - Func 1989 User:ElectricBullet
HP 20S Error - Func 1989 User:ElectricBullet
HP 48SX 1 1990 User:Js
HP 32SII invalid y^x 1991 User:Js
HP 48GX 1 1993 Speedorama
HP 38G 1 1995 User:ElectricBullet
HP 33S INVALID Y^X 2003 Speedorama
HP 40gs 1 (non-CAS) or ? (CAS) 2006 Speedorama
HP 48gII 1 2007 Speedorama
HP Prime G1 Undefined (undef in CAS) 2013 User:Js
HP Prime G2 Undefined (non-CAS) or undef (CAS) 2018 Speedorama
Microsoft Windows
Model Result Year Firmware/OS ver. Tested By
Windows 98 1 User:Inkling
Windows 3.1 invalid value for this function User:Inkling
Windows 7 1 User:Inkling
NT 4.0 1 4.0 User:Inkling
NT 3.51 1 3.51 User:Inkling
Windows ME 1 User:Inkling
WinOS2 1 User:Js
Windows Vista 1 User:Inkling
Windows 10 1 User:Inkling
Excel #NUM! Rocko
Model Result Year Firmware/OS ver. Tested By
Sharp EL-9600C ERROR 02 CALCULATE 2000 Speedorama
Android Calculator app Undefined or 1 Rocko 1 Scrobotasaurus
Google Sheets 1 Scrobotasaurus
HP 48 (emulator) 1 User:Inkling
LibreOffice Calc 1 Rocko
MATE 1 Rocko
Psion MX workabout undefined argument User:Js
Python 3.7 IDLE 1 vi
QBasic 1 MS-DOS 6.22 User:Inkling
Speedcrunch NaN
ubuntu calculator undefined User:Inkling
Wolfram Alpha (undefined) Scrobotasaurus
Numworks N0120 undef 2022 19.5.0 User:Yuri
Canon F-715SG Math ERROR 2011 User:Yuri

-The Casio fx-21 gives the error, "E" after the exponent operation is input, and before the zero can be given as the exponent.

-On the HP 45, raising any number to the power of zero is specifically listed in the manual's Operating Limits section as an "improper operation" and will return an error.

e^(iπ)+1[edit | edit source]

The expected result of entering e^(iπ)+1 is 0, however the internal precision/rounding of many calculators will create nonzero results. If your has a CAS mode, check to see if it produces a nonzero result, if so, add it to the table, but if the CAS result is 0 do not add it to the table, as it is likely a constant in the CAS software.

Model Result Year Tested by
Casio fx-100AU PLUS 2nd edition MATH Error 2020 User:Insert Coin
Casio fx-991CE X MATH Error 2022 User:Parragoriouse
Model Result Year Tested by
HP 28s -2.06E-13*i 1988 User:Speedorama
HP 40gs -2.06E-13*i 2006 User:Speedorama
HP 48gII -2.06E-13*i 2007 User:Speedorama
HP Prime G1 -2.06E-13*i 2013 User:Js
HP Prime G2 1.07E-14*i 2019 User:Speedorama
Texas Instruments
Model Result Year Tested by
TI-89 Titanium (23.1407)^i + 1 2004 User:Speedorama
TI-nspire CX II CAS 0. 2019 User:He77789
Other Calculators
Model Result Year Tested by
Sharp EL-9600C 0 2000 User:Speedorama
Numworks N0120 -e ≈ -2.718281828 2022 User:Yuri