Casio 122-F

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Casio 122-F
Casio 122-F.jpg
Display typeVFD
Display size12 digits
ProcessorNEC D573C
ConnectionIEC C14 inlet
Serial Numbers2151934

The Casio 122-F was an early financial calculator produced by Casio.

Special features[edit | edit source]

Through the use of the P key and multi position switch, additional advanced functionally such as square roots, inversion, and remainders can be accessed. This greatly expands the feature set of the calculator, while taking up minimal button space.

Internal design[edit | edit source]

The calculator uses three different boards internally, one for the power supply, one for the logic and display, and finally one for the keypad. The power supply section of the unit contains a multi tap transformer and a rotary switch for selecting the operating voltage, with options for 100V, 117V, 220V, 230V and 240V. A power switch is provided on the right side of the calculator to turn it on and off.

All of the computation is done on the logic and display board in the lower part of the front of the calculator. The main processor is a NEC D573C, a common chip used in Casio calculators of the era. The vacuum fluorescent display is housed in a long glass tube, a NEC LD8121. The display consists of twelve digits and thirteenth character for displaying symbols such as a negative sign.

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