Casio SL-820

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The Casio SL-820 is a solar powered four function calculator produced by Casio.

Casio SL-820
Casio SL-820.jpeg
Entry modeinfix
PrecisionSegmented LCD
Power supplySolar cell
Dimensions6.6 x 66.5 x 109.5mm

Internal design[edit | edit source]

Alike many other low cost Casio calculators, the SL-820 uses a two layer flexible PCB for the keypad matrix. The contact pads are attached to the rear part of the shell, and make contact by the flexible PCB being pushed into them. The calculator ASIC is located beneath the solar panel and is soldered to the flexible PCB. The ASIC has no markings at all.

Due to the comparatively large size of the solar cell, the calculator can operate in conditions with extremely low light, where many other calculators would be unable to operate.

Internal view of the Casio SL-820

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