Elektronika MK-52

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Elektronika MK-52
Elektronika MK-52.jpg
Other namesЭлектро́ника МК-52
Display typeVacuum fluorescent display
Programming language(s)Keystroke
Ports2 or 3 pin DC power connector, two expansion slots
Power supply4x AA or external DC power supply
Dimensions75(l) x 212(w) x 35(h)mm

The Elektronika MK-52 is a RPN scientific programmable calculator produced by Elektronika in Ukraine starting in 1985[1]. The "MK" prefix is an abbreviation for микрокалькулятор; "micro calculator".

The calculator runs on 6 volts supplied by either an external DC power adapter, or 4x AA sized batteries. The external power adapter originally used a 3 pin port, but that was changed to a 2 pin port in 1992.

There are 4 hinged doors along the top of the calculator, 3 of the same width (43mm), and the one on the right is slightly wider (58mm). The 2 on the left can be "opened" but there are no holes in the plastic shell of the calculator to give access to anything. There are holes in the plastic shell behind the 2 doors to the right, however, only the right most wide door has a header to the PCB behind it.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

On the left of the calculator, below the display, are 4 switches. The left most turns the calculator on and off. To the right, С/З/СЧ is the EEPROM mode switch for Erase/Write/Read. Р/ГРД/Г toggles between radians/gradians/degrees, and the right most switch, Д/П, changes between writing to data or code memory.

Key Description
CX Clear
B↑ Push onto stack (similar to enter on HP calculators)
ВП Exponent (similar to EEX on HP calculators)
/-/ Change sign (equivalent of CHS)
←→ Swap X and P (Y on HP) registers
F Shift key for accessing the functions printed in yellow
K Shift key for accessing functions printed in blue
↑↓ Read/Write from memory
A↑ Memory address
П→Х Recall value
Х→П Store value
БП Go to a specific memory address

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