Lloyd’s Accumatic 306

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The Lloyd’s Accumatic 306 is a calculator produced by Lloyd's Electronics, Inc. during the mid 1970s. It features a vacuum fluorescent display and expanded basic functionality.

Other namesModel E306
TypeBasic, with some advanced functions
Entry modeAlgebraic
Display typeVacuum Fluorescent Display
Display size8 digits + sign
ProcessorHitachi HD36360S
Programming language(s)N/A
Serial Numbers5J-138597
Power supply4x AA, TS connector (tip positive)
Power consumption6V DC, 300mW

Features[edit | edit source]

Unlike many simple basic calculators of the day, the Accumatic 306 provides the user with expanded functionality, specifically keys for using a stored constant for pi, squaring numbers, taking square roots, and for 1/x. The addition of these four keys provides much greater flexibility for the user and enables the calculation of more difficult equations while increasing user input speeds.

Internal design[edit | edit source]

The overall board design of the calculator is very simple, cantered around the Hitachi HD36360S calculator ASIC, pared with a GICO GK320 spring over leaf keypad. A tube type vacuum fluorescent display module, the Futaba 9-CT-085L, is used in this model and provides 8 numerical digits along with a ninth digit to indicate sign and overflow.

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