National Semiconductor 835

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The National Semiconductor 835 and Novus 835 are four function calculators produced by National Semiconductor. They are notable for using bubble led displays and being an early adopter of Chip-On-Board (COB) calculator ASICs. Like many other calculators produced by NS, the 835 was available in both a cream and brown colour scheme.

National Semiconductor 835
NS 835.jpeg
A cream coloured National Semiconductor 835
Other namesNovus 835
Introduced1976 [1]
Entry modeInfix
Display typeBubble LED
Programming language(s)N/A
Power supply9V battery, 9V DC power supply
Power consumption225 to 540mW

Internal design[edit | edit source]

When looking inside the calculator, it is quite clear that is designed to be low cost. The design consists of two boards, one for the keypad which is plastic riveted to the front case, and a second board that houses the ASIC and display module. An external power connector is included to power the calculator from an AC adapter.

Internal view of the NS 835

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