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The OMRON 86 is a series of calculators produced by Omron in Japan. The design of the OMRON 86 series is one of the most iconic of all time, with it going on to inspire the design of many other calculators, even the calculator application on the iPhone.

OMRON 86[edit | edit source]

OMRON 86M[edit | edit source]

Omron 86M
Omron 86M.jpg
ManufacturerOmron Corporation
Display typeVFD
Display size9 digits
Programming language(s)N/A
Power supply2x AA batteries or 3V center negative DC power supply
Power consumption160 to 264mW
Dimensions150(l) x 80(w) x 23(h)mm

The OMRON 86M added memory functionality and fixed point display capabilities. An extra row of buttons was added to the top of the keypad for memory functionality. CM for clear memory, RM for recall memory, M≡ for subtracting the value in memory from the significand, M⩲ for adding the value in memory to the significand. Additionally, two switches have been added on the upper left of the keypad. The right switch controls the fixed point precision and rounding, F shows all displayable digits, 0 only rounds to the nearest integer, and 2 rounds to the the nearest hundredth. The A switch on the left toggles the accumulator function, the accumulated value can be displayed by pressing the RM key.

Internally, the 86M is based on the Omron HD3655 calculator ASIC, which handles all of the logic and input from the keypad, along with driving the display module. A step up power supply is located above the ASIC to provide power to the vacuum fluorescent display. The 86M was available in a variety of coloured shells, including orange, yellow, white, and red.

OMRON 86R[edit | edit source]

OMRON 86SR[edit | edit source]