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Specialized in antique calculators.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Slide Rules[edit | edit source]

My most expansive collection. Slide rules are easy to store, repair, and use regularly.

Slide Rule Formatting[edit | edit source]

When describing layouts of slide rules, the following standard is used:

  • scales are ordered from the top to bottom of the rule, separated by spaces
  • parentheses "()" denote scales on the slide.
  • scales placed back-to-back or on the same line are separated by a forward slash "/."
  • scales are named as written on the rule, subscripts may be used to differentiate scales for clarity.
  • ascending scales are written in black, descending scales are written in red (with the exception of Versalog cosine scales, to match the form on the rules).
Slide Rules
Model Manufacturer Layout Size Scales Case Acquisition Date Notes
67/87 Rb Rietz A.W. Faber-Castell Rietz Pocket (5") L K A (B CI C) D S ST T Green zippered leather, includes stylus. Feb. 5, 2023 Includes addiator on the back of the rule. One of a few slide rules capable of all four elementary functions.
V.I. 70-80 A.W. Faber-Castell Simplex (specialized) Pocket+ (7") cm SRU SSU (°C °F C) D Centistokes Engler in. [front]

(Dichte API) Ref: °C/°F m³/bbl kg/lb ms⁻¹/ft.s⁻¹ [back]

Black leather, branded "Esso." Jul. 7, 2022 A highly unusual rule created for the Esso company, exact purpose currently unknown.
№ 400 ACU-MATH Mannheim Standard (10") Sa K A (B CI C) D L T thin canvas, coated in plastic. Very poor condition. Ca. May 14, 2023 A rare layout with all scales on the front. Like all Mannheim rules, the S scale is keyed to the A scale, rather than the C scale. Uses DMS
№ 601-1 Diwa Rietz Pocket (5") K A (B CI C) D L [front]

(S ST T) [back]

dark brown leather case, stamped Cooper-Bessemer Jul. 7, 2022 Ordered by Cooper-Bessemer. Has extra marks for calculating circles on the cursor.
Model 1447 Frederick Post Co. (Hemmi) Mannheim Standard (10") A (B CI C) D K [front]

(Sa L T) [back]

cardboard box Jul. 7, 2022 Has reference guide on the back. Uses DMS. Has high visibility red hairline.
Versalog II 1460 Frederick Post Co. (Hemmi) Duplex Standard (10") LL/0 K A DF (CF CIF CI C) D R1 R2 LL0 [front]

L LL/1 LL/2 LL/3 (T/T SRT/SecT S/Cos C) D LL3 LL2 LL1 [back]

dark brown faux leather, lined with felt. Broken top flap. May 7, 2022 My first straight engineering rule. Identical scales to the original Versalog, with the addition of an A scale, but no associated B scale. Has HV red hairline.
Versalog 1461 Frederick Post Co. (Hemmi) Duplex Pocket (5") LL0 LL/0 K DF (CF CIF CI C) D R1 R2 L [front]

LL/1 LL/2 LL/3 (T/T ST/SecT S/Cos C) D LL3 LL2 LL1 [back]

None. Aug. 4, 2022 Pocket version of the original Versalog 1460, note the lack of A scale. Missing one screw on the cursor. Has HV red hairline.
Model N 3-T Power Log Exponential

Log Log Dual Base

Pickett Duplex Standard (10") 1/2 K A (B ST/S-Cos T/T CI C) D DI12/3 [front]

LL0± LL1± DF (CF CIF Ln/L CI C) D LL2± LL3± [back]

Tan leather, plastic hard liner glued in. Ca. Dec. 1, 2022 Came with unique gaskets between cursor and body (removed).
Model N 3P-ES Power Log Exponential

Log Log Dual Base

Pickett Duplex Pocket (5") 1/2 K A (B ST/S-Cos T/T CI C) D DI12/3 [front]

LL0± LL1± DF (CF CIF Ln/L CI C) D LL2± LL3± [back]

Brown leather with pocket clip Aug. 7, 2023 Purchased from the International Slide Rule Museum slide rule adoption program. Excellent condition. Pocket version of the Model N 3 in the Eye Saver yellow color.
C10 KL1 Unknown Unique Circular A C [front]

Ci S T [back]

None. Apr. 28, 2022 A Ukranian circular rule, the front and back scales process in opposite directions, acting as inverted scales of each other. The face of the front moves along with a needle, while the back only has the associated needle, the face being static.

Mechanical Calculators[edit | edit source]

My original obsession. Mechanical calculators take more space and effort, so I have comparatively few.

Mechanical Calculators
Model Manufacturer Style Acquisition Date Notes
C-113 Facit Pinwheel (ten-key entry) Jan. 19, 2023 The latest style of the Facit TK. Missing pointers for decimal places.
Abacus Unknown Soroban (Japanese) Dec. 25, 2018 Has a mechanical clearing mechanism, using a scissor arm to push beads back into place.

Electronic Calculators[edit | edit source]

Newer collection, I am much less comfortable repairing and interacting with them.

Electronic Calculators
Model Manufacturer Style Acquisition Date Notes
Model 9104 Kingspoint ten-key Four Function (early) Ca. May 14, 2023 Early four function calculator, Uses a running tally input with two result keys.
TI-30X IIS Texas Instruments Scientific Unknown In use since High School. Not currently used in favor of other devices
TI-Nspire CAS Touchpad Texas Instruments Graphing Jul. 12, 2023 Battery contacts corroded, currently without OS or rechargeable battery pack.
DM15L SwissMicros Scientific (programmable) Sept. 28, 2023 Purchased direct from SwissMicros. Beginning of RPN journey
HP-48G+ Hewlett Packard Graphing Jan. 13, 2024 slight discoloration on screen.
SR40 Texas Instruments Scientific Nov. 20, 2023 Battery pack replaced with modern 9v cell