WP 34s

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WP 34s
WP 34s+overlay off.jpeg
HP 30b based WP 34s
TypeProgramable, Scientific
Entry modeRPN
Display typeLCD seven-segment display dot-matrix display
Display size12+3 digits and 8 characters
Processor30 MHz Atmel AT91SAM7L128 (ARM7TDMI core)
Programming language(s)RPN Keystroke
Program steps925 steps in RAM
Power supplyCR2032 batteries (1 required, 1 optional)
Power consumption0.25 mW
Weight115 g
Dimensions77 × 149 × 16 mm

Overview[edit | edit source]

Flashing the firmware[edit | edit source]

Table of USB to UART adapters for flashing custom firmware
Board Manufacturer UART chip Chip manufacturer Status
Metro Mini Adafruit FT231x FTDI Working
ESP32 devkit v1 Doit/generic CP2104 Silabs Working
Arduino Nano Arduino FT232RL FTDI Unconfirmed
Arduino Nano Generic CH340 WCH Not working
Arduino Mega Generic CH340 WCH Not working
USB-232 Parallax FT232RL FTDI Not working
Arduino Uno Arduino Atmega 16u2 Atmel/microchip Not working
Heltec ESP32 Heltec/generic CP2102 Silabs Inconclusive
Metro Mini Adafruit CP2102 Silabs Not tested

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